In Aspnet, problems when configuring Advance IIS logs with Powershell

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asked Mar 16, 2016 by hunsaker (350 points)
objectives of this script:Create new folder for each site Create one log per site per dayA second script to backup/arhive scripts within certain formatStop all normal logging#

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answered Jun 3, 2016 by optionthe (930 points)
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How can I solve this problem and allow my application to use this function. Here is solution with single pointer Configuring a Windows Instance Using the EC2Config Service ...
commented Jun 3, 2016 by Not8512 (180 points)
I have seen many queries with something like this
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answered May 26, 2016 by or_exp (1,730 points)
I have come up with another possible reason that this occurs. You can find out more from the master himself Take Control of Logging and Tracing in Windows Azure
commented May 28, 2016 by according (150 points)
With these two lines it works correctly
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answered Jun 3, 2016 by inMolly (190 points)
Do the following: Click on the Sites folder, then on Default Web Site

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